Plot Twist

Creating an engaging site for the Jagermeister campaign - phase one

Plot Twist
Web Development
Website + CMS


atEnbi created an engaging website allowing Users to register for the Jagermeister campaign.

The product's goals:

  • Inform potential contest participants about the new Jagermeister national campaign.
  • Encourage users to take part in the campaign and star in the series of creating drinks with the Jagermeister brand
  • Create an engaging flow with a spinning wheel and assign a random ingredient to each new user.
  • Manage users and their movie submissions with large files.
  • Allow users to register for the contest and submit their entries.

Website's Structure and Requirements:

  • The Age Verification Page website is in line with the Jagermeister brand book  
  • The Home page with the Competition Schedule
  • Mail Responder to User after submitting an entry and after registering an account
  • Login / Registration page
  • User Profile Page
  • Page with the Flavor Bases Wheel -Spinning Wheel
  • Memory Card Game with Animations
  • RWD (Responsive design)
  • File Upload Functionality for Users
  • Staging and Domain Integration
  • WordPress CMS

The challenge

Our goal was to develop a dedicated website with full RWD and connect WordPress as a CMS tool to manage incoming contest registrations with large movie files. During our development time, we stumbled upon many challenges including:

  • How to allow multiple users to upload large mp4/mov files simultaneously without slowing down the website.
  • How to allow file and user management on the WordPress platform.
  • The Client had never built a software application before.
  • Changing design requirements - based on the Client's feedback but with a hard deadline.
  • Need to change the Developer at the end of the project.
  • Much larger audience interest and registration numbers than expected.

The solution

Except for normal front-end development of the design from Adobe XD, we've focused on BE solutions. First, we had to create a full User management setup to allow Admins to manage users' registrations/logins, password recoveries, and their files. Admin also could support users by deleting/editing details in their names. For the files management challenge, we've decided to add Dropbox integration for the movie file entries with dynamic file names based on each user's name, surname, and date of upload.


  • 1 Developer - PHP, JavaScript, and WordPress Dev.
  • 1 Project Manager


At the start of the campaign, the website met all the product's requirements, and the submission code setup allowed us to maintain a fully working site during the registration deadlines with more than 1100% final user count exceeding any expectation.

Our team members delivered a fully working Website within a month and a half. We've built it with a small team and overcome all of the obstacles thanks to our senior developer - Arkadiusz.


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