WordPress Development

The internet would not be the same without WordPress. Create a beautiful website, app or blog t


5,000+ EUR

Estimated duration

4 - 6 Weeks

About the service

Over 60 million people have created their own websites using the WordPress platform. WordPress platform is one of the most flexible open-type solutions that is constantly updated and takes up a 60% stake in the platform market of this type.

This is one of the favourite tools we use to design and develop powerful, unique websites for you. The simplicity of the WordPress platform and an appealing interface have enabled all users to independently update the website with new content without any problems.

According to your needs, we will develop a unique WordPress theme for your needs only. We will also adapt the theme options and use responsive design so that the website is adapted for a good overview and usage on portable devices.

Vast experience with the best CMS platform in the world resulting in the perfect product for our clients.WordPress is the world's No.1 CMS.

WordPress project cycle:

  • Project initiation
  • Design*
  • Development
  • Quality assurance and user acceptance testing
  • Site launch
  • Support

*Best connected with Web Design Package.

What's included?

  • Installation and setup
  • Unique templates and themes development
  • Migration and multi-language websites (WPML)
  • Custom CMS development
  • 3rd party plugin customization
  • 3rd party theme customization and integration services
  • Mobile RWD development
  • Troubleshooting and upgrades

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