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Meet the team behind our company

Our Mission

Project of passion, determination and knowledge

Here at atEnbi, we do Digital Product Design and Development for Startups and SMEs. Together we build software products from start to market release, guide with expertise, keep a consistent process, and have a personal commitment. Our value is hard work and consistently going out of our way to exceed expectations to deliver the best Software and UI/UX practices in Europe.

Goal oriented team

Our other unique value lies in our cross-market expertise, bridging the gap between traditional Western and Japanese Markets. We have specialized Japanese UI/UX Designers and localization partners for the best fit and authentic experience of bringing products to new markets.

Multidisciplinary hiring

The team consists of mid-to-senior UI/UX designers and Software developers who can quickly help build and scale digital products, solve issues and have proven themselves with insight and experience. Through our unique knowledge management structure with constant reviews, updates, and feedback loops we keep our work on track.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do



We are one well-integrated team, always have each other back and guard our shared vision to reach the ultimate objective together with dedication to our Clients.


Clear partnership

As your development partner, we always involve you in day to day decision-making and progress.


Pushing Boundaries

Ingenuity, creativity and inventiveness are at the core of our development processes, to deliver innovation when and where it is needed.



Effectiveness comes with experienced and knowledge. Each atEnbi team member has a minimum of 3-5 years industry professionalism. For consistent and quality delivery.


Knowledge sharing

Learning is the key to progression! We are devoted to sharing knowledge among each other, that includes you, as our client.



We measure and maintain quality at each step on the development roadmap, through carefully processes and frequent feedback loops


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