February 6, 2024

How much it will cost you to maintain a software development project?

Recommended list of tools used for different aspects of software development and managing software


I've picked the most used digital tools for software development projects. Most of them are basics without which you won't be able to start building your app. I also added some alternatives for you. You probably heard about Github, Slack, Amazon S3 or Jira, the rest is a bit more blurry. These are the main tools that I've stumbled across during a couple of years of working as an IT PM and building startups and maintaining software companies and their products.  

Measuring the costs of such tools in US dollars is actually an easy task, here is the list of tools with their pricing plans:

Most Important

The total monthly cost of operating a team of 1 Product Owner, 1 Project Manager and 2 Software Developers:

Important Mentions

Project Management Tools (for software development):

Monday, Trello and Clickup. - all of them has their own pros and cons. In the end, it's all about ease of getting started with the layout, using it and of course monthly costs.

CI/CD Tools:

Jenkins - Free, open-source Java-based software is among the most popular CI/CD  tools on the market. It combines tools for continuous delivery and integration with real-time testing and reporting.

CircleCI -   Some say it is the best CI/CD tool to streamline DevOps automation and software deployment processes. In there, workflows can be split,  shared and reused across multiple containers.

Gitlab - Similar to Github but has integrated CI/CD tools and works better if the company wants its code to be fully private(no public repositories like in Github).  More on the topic of differences between Github and Gitlab:

Software troubleshooting tool:

Raygun - similar to Rollbar. "Use Raygun to track, manage, and report your software errors". Raygun gives you a window into how users are really experiencing your software applications.

and many more.


It's a recommended list of tools used for different aspects of software development and managing software development projects. Some of these products overlap in some functions/services like for example hosting or scrum boards. Competition is fierce, and it's really easy to get lost in all of it. There are also many open-source solutions. As a company you may want to use the code of your products in order to be fully closed/protected, other companies could prefer to be as much open source-based as possible. It's up to personal preference and market standards.  It's always best to ask developers or DevOps what's easiest for them to use, so your product will be built quickly, efficiently and cost-wise.

atEnbi is definitely helping in this aspect, most of the recommendations we can select even only by looking at your brief.

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