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Long term success and business continuity depends on stable and reliable Support & Maintenance. We support a variety of international clients with their online success.



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About the service

The Code is a living organism that compiles and works all the time. Not adding new features or changes to your product will not guarantee everything to work smoothly. Code evolves because its language, framework, used libraries or extensions are being updated, changed, supported or abandoned by the development community. With our SLA Agreement, you pay only for a used specialist time. 

Fitted Solutions
Customised and scalable support and maintenance services, which meet your business needs and enable you to run your daily operations in accordance with the agreed Service Level. We help you maintain your current code and keep it up to date. 

Tailored Services
Each of our customers has different challenges and that’s why we offer a refactor of legacy code and optimise services that address your specific needs and deliver outcomes that exceed your expectations. 

What's included?

We offer Support and Maintenance in Ruby on Rails, Python, React Native, WordPress and Webflow. The Price of Digital Product Maintenance and Support depends on individual estimation per Man days of a developer per Month. It means you can choose how many MD (Man Days) of Developer's work you need in a month for your product.

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