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Combine development with this best practices in SEO, site structure and outreach. Further, complemented by paid search and social advertising.



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About the service

Code as a living organism has to grow and change. Growth is a natural outcome of changing market conditions. To help you achieve the market goals you need to add new functionalities of your product and then reach out to people and spread brand awareness. 

Continuous improvement and development
We operate a process of continual improvement to minimise costs, ensure best practice adoption and optimise performance. We aim to ensure your systems continue to deliver value by being able to develop new features on staging environments, keeping current versions live and earning you money. 

Google Growth & Marketing Products 
We are fluent in Google Ads, Tag Manager, Analytics and Data Studio to help you get to your Clients, grow your business’s market share and get real feedback on the campaign’s results. We hold certifications in Google products.

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Facebook, Linkedin and Tik Tok.

What's included?

Have your website build with SEO from the start and start ranking from day one. Other services include technical audits and content strategy.

Google Growth & Marketing Products - Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio. 
Facebooks Ads - Meta Business.
Linkedin Ads.
Tik Tok Ads. (brand new option)

We prepare Key Consideration for your Campaign:
1. Target Market
2. Unique Selling Point
3. Situation analysis (SWOT)
4. SMART objectives
5. Strategies
6. Budget
7. Timing

Price estimations:
Flat rate for a Budget up to 5k Euro
15% monthly for a budget above 5k Euro. 
10% monthly for a budget above 10k Euro.
5% monthly for a budget above 15k Euro.  

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