Product Brand Book

The saying goes: "The devil is in the details" and the success to a brand book is getting all the finer details right. From the global brand identity to the finest details.

Price Range

2,000 - 4,000 EUR

Estimated duration

5 - 10 Days

About the service

The brand book is the keystone of a branding strategy. It contains all the elements that make up your brand, from its founding principles (mission, vision, values…) to its visual identity (logo, colours, visuals..).
Thus, it serves as the document of reference for everything related to the use of your brand.

A brand book is the beating heart of your brand identity.
It gives definitive guidelines to external people about what your brand stands for, and what it looks like.

Comprehensive design rules are more important now than they ever were. A coherent framework allows people to recognize your brand.

As marketing supports and communication channels have become extremely diverse in the digital age, it is essential for your company to promote a consistent brand image across its online platforms and physical representations.
It’s up to you to create a powerful identity and make your voice heard!

Brand Book examples: 
Netflix - LINK
Spotify - LINK

Time range:
5 days - one round of amends, two versions to choose from.
10 days - 3 routes to choose from, 2 rounds of amends.

What's included?

  • Brand Identity and Personality
  • Logo Creation
  • Typography
  • Brand Colours
  • Key Visuals

A well-made brand book will help create a consistent brand and set a single course for the your whole company. Brand book is the essence of your brand and source of knowledge about its values.

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