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Creating a Netflix-like video player for the Jagermeister - campaign phase two

Plot Twist
Web Development
Custom Video Player


atEnbi developed a fully custom video player for the second phase of the Jagermeister campaign.

The product's goals:

  • Change the layout and structure of the Website for the second campaign.
  • Add a Video player and stream 4k files from the server with minimal business costs.
  • Creating a video player that has the same functionalities as Netflix.

The challenge

The main challenge was that we couldn't embed youtube or Vimeo on the site. These tools have their visuals, servers, upload mechanics, and management system. The Client wanted to go full custom and asked to recreate "Netflix" but for a fraction of the price it would take to develop such an application.

Our goal was to add a fully custom Video Player to the site while keeping RWD intact and also include files upload with subtitles in the CMS. During the development, we stumbled upon some challenges including:

  • How to allow multiple users to watch videos simultaneously but without increasing the cost of streaming and requests to the servers. We couldn't put the app on AWS or any other similar cloud computing provider.
  • The client wanted to include 4k video files where one single episode weighed 3GB.
  • How to make the website fast while storing such huge files.
  • The mobile version of the video player had to limit the size of the streamed files not to overcharge users' data plans.

The solution

We've decided to add Dropbox integration for the movie file entries with dynamic file names based on each user's name, surname, and date of upload. Our setup in the WordPress platform allowed Admin to edit/delete users and manage their password recovery process.


  • 1 Developer - React.js with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • 1 Project Manager


Users were with the new video player, and the Client's team appreciated a custom approach regardless of all the challenges we had to overcome while testing the site. The website meets all expectations, business, and functional.


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