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Creating an NHS compliant blood testing app in React Native

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Our team members helped create an engaging mobile application where users could display their blood test results on an interactive graph. Test results were taken from the client’s dedicated IoT device showing results as a QR code. The app’s goal was to scan it and display the data on an interactive graph.
The client is a Healthtech company from London, UK.*

The challenge

Our goal was to develop a mobile application both for iOS and Android, which enables its users to scan and display their blood test data. 
The Client never had any previous experience with building mobile applications and using Testflight, Appstore, Google Play and its Console.

The product's goals:

  • Display blood test results for IoT device users on an interactive graph.
  • Create a history of results with symptoms and medication data.
  • Encrypt the data and don’t upload it online

Additional challenges:

  • Because of UK medical data regulation, we had to manoeuvre so as not to create a medical application but only a health-tech one. It was done with the help of the Client’s team. 

The solution

From the technical point of view, React Native framework was the best answer to the client’s needs as it allows one developer to write code simultaneously for both iOS and Android. 
The client had never built a software application before, thus during the kickoff off phase, we had to put more focus on education of the whole process.  We helped them fit their business workflow into our project management so that both companies worked as one well-working partnership. 

  • 1 Tech-lead-level React Native developer
  • 1 Project Manager


Our team members delivered a refined and dedicated mobile application within 8 months. We were able to achieve all product goals and create a successful mobile application for their users. Thanks to our ongoing work, we helped them understand the software development process and its management. The company was able to start to hire an in-house team to help them build their own internal software products but they always came back to us with further work on this app and they scheduled the development of another mobile application, this time it was to monitor the health of senior patients in hospitals in the UK. 

* All specific details are unavailable because of NDA. 


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